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Pandora's Books

Your next book is inside.

The concept

Pandora’s Books is a concept for a mobile app that allows users to find their next book through multiple search criteria. This includes searches based on the last book they've read, genres, community suggestions, reviews, or tags.

The scope

  • Identify a problem

  • Solve the problem with a mobile app

  • Develop a low fidelity prototype

The problem

A book ends... and you're left with this empty feeling inside. You look for another book that will give you that same feeling, and you struggle to find it. When I was first told about this problem I really felt it in my bones. YES… finding that next book that gives you that same feeling in your soul can be hard. It’s really disheartening when you can’t find what you’re looking for.

I think of Harry Potter. We put down the last book and in between tears we are all begging for more, so where do we look? Do we keep reading what else Rowling has written? Do we want to read more about the mythological references made in the books? Do we want to learn latin? Who do we ask? Where do we start?


Understanding the reader

I interviewed six heavy readers to see what their habits were when they find their next book. After synthesizing these interviews I was able to gather these "I statements".

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From those insights I developed a proto-persona.

This is Luca.

Luca is my proto-persona.

  • Luca wants to escape into his books. ​

  • He will start to read a book about the first world war, and when he puts that book down he will have a new list of threads he wants to follow. After this book, he wants to find a book on ancient maps and historical border changes.

  • This linear reading is a common theme in his reading behavior. When he reads fiction, he tries to read books in a series, so that he can continue the bond and relationship he has built with the characters within a book. 

  • When he goes to find a new book he always goes into a store or library so that he can ask the clerk for advice. 

  • Now that Covid has hit, he has been reaching out to his friends online for suggestions.

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Sketching Pandora's Books

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I started with a design where the user can input the last book they read and search the closest match.

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Here the user can refine their search by inputting the authors name, tags, genres or reviews

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The user can click the window over the book and see a summary

Frame 27.png

This section will describe why this book is the best match

Frame 28.png

Find near me directs users to a map where they can look at local book stores & libraries

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Once they find their book, they can reserve or purchase through the app


Sketch prototype

I created a low fidelity sketch prototype with Invision. The prototype began with the simple features of searching for a book, and finished with purchasing.


Next steps

  • Conduct a competitive analysis - I have been getting targeted ads for apps like this since I created this concept, and I would love to take a look at what is out there!

  • Develop a mid-fi prototype in Figma and continue usability testing. 

  • Create a mood board for Pandora's Books. 

  • Continue to iterate upon the design and begin visual design. 

  • Conduct usability testing on hifi prototype.